"For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for music. I believe that if someone is capable of using their abilities to put a smile on a person's face, then it is their responsibility to do so. That's one reason why I have decided to use my talents for good instead of denying I have them. I definitely agree with the person that said you should find something you really enjoy, then find someone who's willing to pay you for it. I don't pretend to have a lifetime of experience, nor do I pretend to be highly qualified. But I am able to sit down and write music, and that, along with determination and communication, are the only things that matter."

Photography: Samantha Hattingh, 2014

Lila is a cat-loving optimist who loves to laugh, lives for others and finds ultimate joy in the heavenly harmonies that come with singing and beautiful music.

Her innovative music appeals to a wide audience; her work inspires and evokes memories and a range of emotions. She enjoys researching the capabilities of different instruments, resulting in works providing pleasure, not only to the audience, but also to participating musicians.

Starting piano lessons at the age of six and composing her first piece at the age of nine led to her being accepted, at only sixteen, as the youngest composer at WAAPA at the time. She has completed her Certificate IV in Classical Music Composition and is currently a Bachelor of Arts in music composition at the University of Western Australia.

Lila is an accomplished pianist and percussionist, was chosen as a vocal soloist for the Australian Youth Choir in 2012, the Perth Royal show in 2014, and The Baden Street Singers in 2016 and has musical directed two community theatre shows. This background and versatility result in a perspective that adds quality to her compositions.